Almost eveyone likes receiving a card that seems to be written just for them. If you’re anything like the average person, you probably receive a ton of greeting cards every year. With this in mind, it’s important to keep your personal tastes and the holidays in mind when choosing which cards to buy.
For example, if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, you might want to avoid buying greeting cards specifically for that holiday. Or if your friends are more likely to send birthday cards than any other kind of card…you get the idea. The right choice depends on your circumstances and personal preferences.
However, not everyone knows what they don’t know — which is why so many of us end up with way more greeting cards than we could ever use or even keep track of. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much effort to cut down on how many greeting cards you buy without feeling deprived. Here are a few hints on how to choose the perfect greeting card:

Stick to a standard

If you’re looking for a greeting card that’s all of the things, it may be better to stick to a standard. For example, if your friend is getting married and you want to send a card that says “congratulations” you may want to stick with a general sentiment like this.
But, if you don’t have too many cards on hand and are in the mood for something more personal, you can try to get creative with different words on your custom greeting card. This way, you know that the card is unique and probably won’t end up in the pile of discarded cards on your desk.

Something special

If you’re looking for a greeting card that really stands out from the crowd for that special person in your life consider a hand made card with other decorations such as fabric, wood or one of these glass cards

Know what you want before you start shopping

Before you head out to buy a greeting card, make sure you know what you want. You’ll find it easier to narrow your options and choose the perfect card if you know what kind of sentiments to expect from other people. If you tend not to receive Valentine’s Day cards, one option is to create your own! You could write a personalized poem or letter that will be specific to the recipient, or design an original piece of artwork.
If your friends and family members tend to send birthday cards for every occasion, consider buying a birthday card rather than any other kind of card. They are fun and festive; they’re also easy because they don’t require much effort on your part.
Finally, if you’re struggling with how many cards to buy because all of them sound good, go with three! This can seem like a lot of cards but with just a few short minutes online at the local stationery store or on Amazon, you’ll have found the perfect fit for anyone in your life.

Think about your loved ones’ tastes when you’re choosing a card for them

The best way to ensure that you buy the perfect card for someone is to keep in mind what they like. For example, if your friend loves sports, then it’s likely that she would prefer a sports-themed greeting card.
If you’re trying to decide between two different cards with similar themes and one has a personal note from the author, be sure to take advantage of this feature. This can make the difference between a card that is going to be appreciated and one that will go unused.
If you know what your loved ones like, then pick a card that reflects those interests. For example, if your mom likes vintage cars, but you don’t have much time left before Valentine’s Day to find her a gift…you could get her a vintage car printable greeting card!
However, if you don’t know what your friends like (or what their interests are), then it’s best to stick with general themes and save the more personalized cards for later.

Help others by sending thoughtful cards

If you’re going for a sentimental card, keep in mind the recipient’s personality. Make sure you know which holidays are most important to them, and choose a card that will be meaningful on those days.
Additionally, if you want to make their day even more special, consider personalizing their card! You can add an emblem or an inscription to personalize it even further. This is the perfect way to show your friend that they’re appreciated.
Want your cards to get noticed? Then try sending out cards with a catchy design or color scheme! The recipient will be more likely to notice these cards so they don’t end up on the bottom of the pile.

If all else fails, check out websites that let you search and browse cards by occasion

The best way to make sure you choose the perfect card for an occasion is by checking out websites that let you search and browse cards by occasion. You can find a ton of options without having to search through piles of greeting cards at the store, or pay for shipping and handling on just one card.
If you want to avoid getting the wrong card, you should also check what occasion it’s intended for. Many website that allow you to search and browse cards will list the occasion or will have a drop-down menu with all occasions in which they are appropriate. Simply check the box next to whichever ones apply and don’t worry about anything else.

Take advantage of free printable greeting cards on the web

There are many websites that offer free printable greeting cards for you to use. So, if you want to make sure that your card is personalized with a special message, then having the option to choose from an online greeting card is essential. This is especially true if you’re looking for a thank-you card or any other type of card that requires customization.
It’s also important to note that these websites tend to feature some of the most popular and high-quality designs out there, which means you’ll have a lot of options when it comes time to choose one. Plus, they’re usually easy enough to use even if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Bottom line

The bottom line is that you should use your own discretion when it comes to buying greeting cards. But, in general, here are a few suggestions on how to avoid wasting money and time:
– Find out what your friends and family usually send for holidays or special occasions
– Limit the amount of cards you buy every year
– Look for bulk discounts at card stores
and lastly…
– Consider what the occasion is before you buy a card. Maybe Valentine’s Day is the best time to send a card with flowers and hearts on it.