Carpets make a house a home; they provide the finishing touch of personality and flair. Whether one places it under their bed or in front of the fireplace, no room is complete without it!

But with such a vast selection on the market – from plush shag to coarse sisal – how does one determine which carpet fits their lifestyle best? Here are some helpful tips on choosing a carpet:

Is the room mostly used for sleeping or entertaining?

If one spends most of their time in bed, go darker and cosier by selecting a plush shag. This is also perfect for those who entertain – after all, guests will be stepping on it with their shoes on! The thicker the pile, the warmer it will feel underfoot.

For living rooms and dining rooms, opt for a thinner cut so that sunlight can easily pass through. These carpets are better suited to place mats and occasional furniture since chances are these areas receive more foot traffic than say…a bedroom.       

What kind of decor does one have in their home?

If one likes a whimsical style, select a shaggy rug with bright colors and fun prints. For more traditional decorating schemes, go for more neutral tones. Since they’re on the market in a wide range of styles, there’s sure to be something that fits any home decor!

Is the carpet going on a cold floor or in front of an open fireplace?

Carpets are especially important in rooms where the floor is made of tile or hardwood since their pile will provide insulation against below-room temperature. If placing it before an open fire place, it should be thick enough so that hot embers won’t scorch the fibres.

How much traffic will the room receive?

For heavy foot traffic, thick piles make for a durable carpet. For those who like to keep up with the latest trends and fashions, a shaggy rug is a great option as it will never go out of style!

How much sunlight does the room receive?

In rooms where there’s little to no sunlight, going with pure white is best since dirt and stains will be more visible against its bright surface. In rooms filled with sunshine or in front of closed drapes, the natural tones of wood floors are usually enhanced by darker carpets. These can also help absorb excess noise from below.

What pattern should one pick?

Last but not least…if one is indecisive, pick a pattern! Stripes and other bold colour choices are perfect for living rooms and entertainment areas while smaller prints add a touch of whimsy. For bedrooms, try a medallion print in the centre with coordinating solids around it.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to find the right carpet for your home!