Choosing a scented candle is like choosing perfume for yourself – you want something that fits your personality and style. Maybe you’d like to go out on a limb and try an unusual scent, maybe you’ve found some signature scents that always work for you.

One of the most popular and unique gifts you can give is a scented candle. A little bit of home, in a jar. There’s something so comforting about lighting a scented candle and enjoying its subtle mood-lifting aroma during times of stress or celebration. However, there are so many to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start. Here are some tips on choosing the right scent for you.

Many people enjoy relaxing with lavender candles (such as  Norfork Lavender) after a hectic day at work or school . Lavender has long been associated with serenity and relaxation , due to its known ability to ease anxiety, insomnia, depression , migraines, skin inflammations , certain types of pain , and much more.

How about something fruity? Apple scented candles are perfect for when you want the smell of pie without the hassle of making one! Whether you like your apple pie warm or cold (or even both!), this scent will conjure memories of grandma’s kitchen. This is also a wonderful choice to combat nervous tension in large gatherings . Fruit scents naturally increase oxygen flow throughout the body which increases alertness and enhances performance. So not only will you relax during your candlelit bath , but everyone else at your party will as well.

Scented candles can also give you a quick infusion of energy – perfect for the mid-afternoon slump, or when you need to run errands but don’t want to spend all day in a car. Citrus scents like lemon and grapefruit are invigorating and cooling , especially during warmer weather .

Minty fragrances like peppermint tea provide a similar cool, cleansing effect that stimulates alertness and concentration . Mint is uplifting and considered very purifying . It’s fresh smell is great for clearing your head after a long work day , or if you’re simply feeling “tired and wired”. Mint naturally increases focus, clarity, memory retention, mood , mental capacity, and concentration .

Perhaps scented candles with woodsy aromas might be your thing. While burning these types of candles , think back to all those camping trips you used to take as a kid. The smell of cedar brings up memories of nature hikes through tall pine trees or even that special log cabin your family would rent just for fun! Woodsy candle scents are calming and grounding . They remind us why we love coming home after a long day’s work or school . They make us feel safe, secure, and would be wonderful during the upcoming fall months.

How about something spicy? Vanilla is traditional , but cinnamon smells like home too! Cinnamon scented candles, like the Limelite Bath Pomander,  are very comforting and remind you of apple pies baking in grandma’s oven. This scent is also great to use when you’re feeling “down”, lethargic , or just plain blue .

You’re now ready to go out and buy the perfect scented candle for you! Remember, this is your time : take your shower or bath , light that candle (while reading a book or listening to music), then relax in the tub with all your favourite products.