Choosing a cushion for your home is not as easy as it sounds. You have to decide from a variety of designs, prices and materials before making a purchase. This guide will help you choose a cushion that suits your lifestyle and your home!

1. Decide on the size of your cushion

There are numerous sizes available, but perhaps the most common is 24×24 inches. The right size for you depends on how much room you have. Make sure there’s enough space either side of the cushion so it doesn’t look squashed in its frame, if you’re going to be keeping it on a bed make sure there’s plenty beside or underneath it too because no one likes their feet falling off the edge! If space isn’t an issue, anything goes!

2. Decide on the material of your cushion

Cushions made from velvet, leather or faux-suede are extremely popular. If you’re looking for some comfort then I would recommend cushions with the following fillings: Memory foam, Polyester fibre or Feather/Down filling. These materials mould to your body’s shape and mould even more when pressure is applied. They also store heat well so can help keep you warm during cold weather! If you prefer a firmer support I would recommend compressed wool, these help improve posture while sitting on them! Many people choose silk or satin for their cushion covers because they look great in any room decor. There are many other fabrics available too such as cotton, linen and suede (fake or real!). The thickness of the filling is also worth considering, the thicker the filling the more support it will provide for your back.

3. Decide on what you want to use your cushion(s) for

Do you want to put them in your bedroom because you like to read in bed? Or perhaps you’d like one in your living room so guests have somewhere comfortable to sit when they visit? Is there enough room for a coffee table but not enough space for an extra chair so maybe a floor cushion would be perfect? I’ve always found that cushions are great at getting rid of awkward empty spaces. If you don’t have anywhere else suitable then think about using cushions as decoration pieces, why not put them on display around your home?! Make sure whatever you

3. Decide on your colour scheme

Cushions come in every shade under the sun, but before you start painting you walls or raiding your sofa, bear in mind it’s easiest to look at cushions as part of a group rather than individually because individual cushions really won’t show off those gorgeous colours as much as if they’re together on one sofa. Once you’ve got an idea of what colour scheme you want, get shopping! You’ll also need to think about how many you’ll need for each sofa, if there are two sofas in the room you’ll need two sets of cushions to make it look balanced.

4. Decide on the style of your cushion

This is where cushions come into their own! They’re a great way to express your style without having to paint an accent wall or buy new furniture, but if you really want to change the feel of a room then nothing beats new curtains or blinds! For brighter rooms choose vibrant patterns with lots of colour and contrasting textures, for more formal spaces go for plainer diffused tones which are easier on the eye. If space is limited consider slimline feather-free pillows instead, they pack away easily when not in use and are lighter for moving around too. Lastly make sure you have some cushions with zip covers so if one happens to go missing you don’t have to replace the whole set.

5. Decide when it’ll be used

Cushions are most commonly used on sofas but they also work well on beds, chairs and even office desks! Always make sure there’s plenty of storage somewhere nearby though because nobody likes a room where everything is piled up in the corner! If you like to keep your feet up at night or read for hours on end then smaller square cushions might suit you better because these take up less space and will fit nicely onto your lap. For children (and adults!) who like to play games expect them to need bigger cushions that can take more punishment, this usually means feather-filled cushions so feel free to get them involved in choosing.

Cushions add so much more than just decorating a room, they add comfort and warmth too which is why I always include at least one or two when I’ve been given the go ahead to choose any accessories for a project! They’re also great for hiding small tears and marks on your furniture and adding new life after years of owning worn looking items. Remember…they come in all shapes and sizes but the only thing that matters is what ‘s right for you!